Consequences of syrian conflict essay

However, it does not allow Syrian entrants to have access to the asylum system that the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees offers. One of the most significant indicators of this deterioration was sarin attack on civilians in the suburbs of Damascus on 21 August It is worth noting that Assad stood to make enormous gains from creating the impression that his continued reign is necessary for limiting the strength of PKK in northern part of Syria.

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With the US occupied to its limit militarily there is little chance that an armed foreign intervention will take place. However, the Syrian government responded by deploying the Syrian army to fight the demonstrators with express orders to open fire on the protestors.

The global importance of this conflict and the amount of material on the topic have both given more than enough reason for the Syrian Civil War to be selected as the primary focus of the essay.

Further, there has been increasing fears that the Syrian conflict would be likely to result in sectarian spillover in Turkey. As of Januarythere were more thanSyrians holed up in the two temporary receiving centers and thirteen refugee camps in Turkey.

Since the UNSC resolution passed in Februaryan estimate of 6, civilians died due to barrel bomb attacks. Web Retrieved April 30th Jackson, Alex. The FSA has around 50, fighters under its command, which corresponds to half of the total rebel strength Jenkins The opposition forces, often referred to as the rebels, include a number of groups that are to a varying extent in a disagreement with the Syrian government.

The world was outraged but all they had proof of was that chemical weapons were definitely used, but there was no proof which side used them.

Web Retrieved April 30th Research shows that the PKK has embarked on increased violence since late thanks to the material and logistical support from Syria. In conclusion, the Syrian conflict has been one of the worst in Middle East in the recent times.

Syrian Problem

The primary objective of this essay is to create a comprehensive and reasonably objective profile of a once stable and relatively democratic country that has found itself paralyzed and destabilized in the face of such conflict. Actors Syrian government is the primary actor of the civil war, as it officially represents Syria and its citizens.

It is estimated that more than 70, Syrian refugees used travel documents and passports to get into turkey and overstayed the 3-months. These conflicts always vary in terms of magnitude, cause, as well as the severity of their results. Another rise in violence in Syria has been attributed to the growing presence of the Islamic State IS and its territorial acquisitions.

Testament to the increased likelihood of this conflict is the fact that Ankara has undertaken measures that would avert the occurrence of this kind of sectarian conflagrations Gwertzman These underline the instability and decreased security that has been triggered by the Syrian conflict.

However, it is important to note, that the ceasefire applies only to parties which have agreed to its conditions, i. Eventually, the protests became armed rebellions where the opposition forces became more organized and armed as they increased in size due to uniting into larger groups Rochelle 3.

These strained relationships have been mainly with regards to the ideological standing. Turkey became embroiled in the conflict thanks to its support for unarmed and armed groups that try to oust President Assad.

The goal of both terrorist groups seems to be less of a political, anti-establishment nature and more of a struggle for establishing territorial control over eastern Syria Jenkins Web Retrieved April 30th Cagaptay, Soner.

This is especially considering the deep demographic ties that exist between Northern Syria and Southern Turkey, which increases the possibility that parallel fault-lines would be triggered in Turkey. The Syrian leadership wanted nothing like this to take place so they hit the protesters hard and violently.

At first the protesters just wanted democracy and of course the resignation of Bashar al-Assad, when these demands were met with brutality and murder, and the president promised change if the protests ended. This reduction has been replicated in all provinces in the southern province.

The Emergence and Consequences of the Syrian Civil War

It is worth noting that the demonstrations were part of a wider uprising that was taking place in the Middle East, a protest that was going by the term Arab Spring Holliday 4. The deterioration of the security situation in Southern frontier has prompted Ankara to close the border with Syria for commercial traffic thereby bringing the economy of the frontier to a halt.

This is evident especially when looking at the exports from Hatay to Syria. It was triggered by protests that were aimed at eliminating the Assad regime as part of the Arab spring. Moreover, the conflict in Syria has strained relations between Turkey and other countries such as Russia and Iran.

On 21st January, the Turkish Youth Union, which is one of the far-left nationalist group, was responsible for the attack on German Patriot missile teams that had been dispatched to assist in defending Turkey against security threats emanating from the Syrian conflict.Syrian Civil War Essay Words | 5 Pages.

ECPSC- CURRENT AFFAIRS HANDOUT - 11 SYRIAN CIVIL WAR Gen 1. The Syrian civil war also commonly known as the Syrian uprising is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Syrian Baath Party government and those seeking to oust it. Below are a few resources focusing on the causes and consequences of the ongoing (hopefully soon to be recent) civil war in Syria.

(‘War and Conflict’ in relation to development is part of the A Level Sociology Global Development topic). Essay on Consequences of Syrian Conflict Consequences of Syrian Conflict!

*Syria is now mired in an armed conflict between forces loyal to President Bashar al Asad and rebel fighters opposed to his rule. Below are a few resources focusing on the causes and consequences of the ongoing (hopefully soon to be recent) civil war in Syria.

(‘War and Conflict’ in relation to development is part of the A Level Sociology Global Development topic). Syrian Problem The problems in Syria began in as a peaceful protest but quickly rose into an armed civil conflict which has cost the lives ofpeople and forced over two million to flee to the relative safety of neighboring countries.

But the Syrian one is the worst, civil war. Usually wars are fought over religion differences, natural sources, etc. But in the case of Syria its own people fight because of the government.

Consequences of syrian conflict essay
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